A week in the Lake District - Oct 2011

It's been a long time coming...

....and on the 1st of October 2011 "it" finally arrived

For month's I'd been going over and over all the details in my head and planning the week-long trip to High Lorton in the Lake District.

There's too much to cram into one blog post and I don't really want to post a day-by-day account of the trip as I'm sure that no one but me will find it that interesting!  So here are the main details of the trip, I'll expand on the walks as necessary and give as much detail on routes, weather, kit etc as I can.

Where we stayed
High Lorton, Cumbria.  About 4 miles from Cockermouth and 8 (ish) from Keswick.  The cottage was ideal for us, big enough to while away the rainy, windy days and within budget!  High Lorton made an ideal base to explore from with the lakes of Buttermere and Loweswater only a stone's throw away.
It's worth pointing out that Keswick is a mecca for outdoor shops and I spent a good few hours walking around looking at all the kit I could have bought - but didn't need!

1st to 8th October 2011

General weather
Not great, if I'm honest.  OK so it was October, in the Lake District (which, just for information, is the wettest month for the Lakes with 130mm of rainfall throughout October) so we didn't expect beach weather but driving up from Romsey at 26C we'd hoped for slightly better!  It was fairly wet and very, very windy - gusts up to 80mph on the summits on a few days.

Wainwrights "bagged" - 10 in total;
Skiddaw (931m)
Skiddaw Little Man (865m)
Grasmoor (852m)
Whiteless Pike (660m)
Rannerdale Knotts (355m)
Ullock Pike (692m)
Carl Side (746m)
Longside (734m)
Haystacks (597m)
High Crag (744m)

Kit purchased 
Well by me, nothing.  There's a turn up for the books!!  We did however have to buy some "essentials" dry sacks (Sea to Summit this time and very good they are too) and various "sale" items for our trip to the Cairngorms this December.

The Walks

Sdiddaw - Friday 7th October

Garmin Connect Route Details - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/119673287
Trailzilla - route and GPX download - http://www.trailzilla.com/index.php?tid=8864

Grasmoor - Tuesday 4th October

Garmin Connect Route Details - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/119097439
Trailzilla - route and GPX download - http://www.trailzilla.com/index.php?tid=8828

Haystacks - Monday 3rd October

Garmin Connect Route Details - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/118896746
Trailzilla - route and GPX download - http://www.trailzilla.com/index.php?tid=8805

Whiteless - Thursday 6th October

Garmin Connect Route Details - http://connect.garmin.com/activity/119507055 (start missed)
Trailzilla - route and GPX download - http://www.trailzilla.com/index.php?tid=8841


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