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Montane Extreme Smock - First Impressions

Yes, yes I know I said that "I had enough outdoor clothing" and that "I didn't need any more items of clothing for my winter trip" but after a chat with Matt* one evening in the local pub I decided to look for a deal (which I found in Go Outdoors thanks to their extra 10% off all items voucher).

Now I tried the jacket on whilst wearing a shirt and tie (during my lunch break, nothing more sinister) and the fit was "ok" in XL so I figured that, as ideally this smock is worn next to the skin (with no additional layers) the fit would be fine.

Another revelation for you, I've never really been a fan of smocks due to the fact that I run hot, almost all of the time, and like to be able to take off layers as quickly as I put them on.  So buying a smock that is designed as a 1 layer, all weather, jacket was a bit of gamble for me.

I have to admit that on getting the smock home and trying it on again I was both very impressed by the look and feel of the jacket…