Montane Extreme Smock - First Impressions

Yes, yes I know I said that "I had enough outdoor clothing" and that "I didn't need any more items of clothing for my winter trip" but after a chat with Matt* one evening in the local pub I decided to look for a deal (which I found in Go Outdoors thanks to their extra 10% off all items voucher).

Now I tried the jacket on whilst wearing a shirt and tie (during my lunch break, nothing more sinister) and the fit was "ok" in XL so I figured that, as ideally this smock is worn next to the skin (with no additional layers) the fit would be fine.

Another revelation for you, I've never really been a fan of smocks due to the fact that I run hot, almost all of the time, and like to be able to take off layers as quickly as I put them on.  So buying a smock that is designed as a 1 layer, all weather, jacket was a bit of gamble for me.

I have to admit that on getting the smock home and trying it on again I was both very impressed by the look and feel of the jacket and some additions that you don't normally get on shell jackets; a deep central pocket and handwarmer pocket behind that and zips up either side of the jacket for venting and "easy access" and a full sized hood that is warm, covers the mouth and is attached by velcro so can be removed easily, but at the same time I was considering taking it back as the good old "do I really need it" question had sprang into my head.....

After a bit of too'ing and fro'ing I decided on the "what the hell, why not" attitude so cut the tags off the jacket, thus removing the ability to take it back!

Now this was intended as a First Impressions blog after wearing it out on a late afternoon walk to Farley Monument this afternoon I have to say that I'm liking this item of clothing more and more!  I didn't wear it next to the skin but opted for a T-shirt underneath and it was both very windproof and warm without being too hot and cumbersome.
I'm keen to wear this out more often now and am looking forward to the cold, windy and wet weather that seem to suit it so well - luckily I live in sunny England so that shouldn't be an issue!

*Matt is a mate that seems to have his fingers in all types of outdoor pies. From road cycling an racing (where I first met him) to kayaking, climbing and ice climbing. He owns more outdoor kit (and bikes, including my much treasured race bike) than I could possibly hope to collect and is a mine of information for all things outdoors.


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