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Wild Camping on Dartmoor

It was only a few days before, earlier in the week, that we'd decided to try out the new Alpkit Kangri tent on a Wild Camping trip to Dartmoor.  We'd settled on Dartmoor as wild camping is allowed on a number of areas (see map) provided that you follow a few simple rules (camp at least 100m away from roads and leave no trace) and you check the MOD is not using the ranges for live firing (you can check online here).

Saturday 17th December, 7:50am
20 minutes later than we'd planned (but when does any walking/camping trip leave on time?!) we left Romsey heading for Dartmoor National Park, Meldon Reservoir near Okehampton to be more precise.

Arriving at the car park next to the stunning Meldon Reservoir at around 11am we sorted out our various bits of kit for the day's walk and headed off across the dam wall at the head of the reservoir.

Walking up Longstone Hill we saw our first signs of life.  The ponies were scattered over most of the hill, these two were sheltering behind …

The planning is half the fun

This started off as a post about the planning of next year's trip to Canada but is actually just going to a mix of musings and ramblings from me about another new item of kit, planning for Canada and my rapidly deteriorating level of fitness and unhappiness about this!

So let me get the rant out of the way first; I haven't felt this unfit and generally out of shape in ages and the worst thing is I can't seem to find any motivation to do anything about it.
It seems to be a downward spiral (for me anyway) in that the more I notice my fitness level slipping the more I seem to actively destroy it - I can't remember the last time I drank during the week and at the moment I seem to be doing it every evening.
Maybe it's a simple combination of stresses at work and a tinge of frustration of "not being where I want to be" but as only I can actually do anything about that it seems odd that I seem totally unable to do so.  Food for thought eh...

But on to lighter th…

Back from Winter Camp.....

(Wilverly Enclosure Scout Campsite, Wilverly, New Forest, UK - Dec 2011)
This post is, I admit, slightly off topic, being more about Scouts than my walking or mountaineering experiences but we were camping and we were outdoors so it ticks at least some boxes! More importantly however it was the first time I've really had a chance to use my Montane Extreme Smock (purchased on the advice of Matt some weeks ago - read about it here).

So to set the scene; the 10th Romsey, Crusoe Troop's 2011 Winter Camp was held at Wilverly Campsite (near Wilverly in the New Forest, Hampshire, UK) with 14 scouts and a number of leaders.
Weather wise we were very lucky as the camp was scheduled for the first weekend in December and came at the end of a miserable week of rain and wind but, annoyingly, no really cold weather.

Winter camp is unlike our normal spring and summer camps in that the scouts sleep in 2 man "Force Ten" tents (as in the picture above) and the leaders do the cooking …