The planning is half the fun

This started off as a post about the planning of next year's trip to Canada but is actually just going to a mix of musings and ramblings from me about another new item of kit, planning for Canada and my rapidly deteriorating level of fitness and unhappiness about this!

So let me get the rant out of the way first; I haven't felt this unfit and generally out of shape in ages and the worst thing is I can't seem to find any motivation to do anything about it.
It seems to be a downward spiral (for me anyway) in that the more I notice my fitness level slipping the more I seem to actively destroy it - I can't remember the last time I drank during the week and at the moment I seem to be doing it every evening.
Maybe it's a simple combination of stresses at work and a tinge of frustration of "not being where I want to be" but as only I can actually do anything about that it seems odd that I seem totally unable to do so.  Food for thought eh...

But on to lighter things.....

Rab have recently released a new version of their great Vapour Rise trousers - the new Vapour Rise Guide trousers have everything that you'd want in a pair of serious winter trousers;
(from Rab's website)

  • Pertex® Equilibrium® DWR outer with highly breathable lightweight double weave softshell fabric with high water repellency in key areas, for durability and comfort
  • Standard VR inner
  • 2 YKK ½ leg side zips
  • 2 YKK venting leg zips
  • 2 YKK handwarmer pockets
  • 1 YKK thigh pocket
  • Part-elasticated waistband with snap closure and belt loops
  • Zip fly
  • Articulated knees
  • Brace attachment points
  • Hem drawcord adjusters
  • Crampon patch at hem
  • Eyelets for threading under-boot cord

The Pertex Equilibrium is fantastic (and harder to spell than you think!) and the Vapour-Rise inner lining is guaranteed to keep you warm and sweat free on long winter walks.
For me, the toughened crampon resistant patch is a great addition as I have to admit to being slightly worried about how my standard VR trousers would fair on countless winter ascents with crampons this Christmas in Scotland.

So on to the initial reason for me starting this post, Canada.  Or more specifically British Columbia, and the trip that we're planning to take there next year around September time.
I've wanted to go back to Canada for years, ever since holidaying there with my parents and family who live on Vancouver Island and the 3 week long trip that we took driving around the Rocky Mountains.
Now that dream has become a reality and one that I intend to grab hold of and make sure that it is turned into a reality.

Our initial plan is to head to Calgary and then hire a car and drive/backpack our way into the Rocky's with as many stops for canoeing/kayaking and mountain walking as possible.
I have to admit that this is pretty much as far as we've got so far - we both want to go and both want to do the same things while we're there but the planning could take some time and be subject to many, many changes before we're done.

But then that's half the fun isn't it?


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