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Attention to detail

Llyn Bochlwyd from Glyder Fach Ending up in the wrong place when you're blindly following a sat nav is one thing - most of us have done it and while it's a pain it's usually not the end of the world!  But ending up scrambling down the face of a 994m mountain in the fog because you've "lost" the path and haven't taken the extra few minutes to double check the map and re-check bearings is at best stupid and, at worst, potential deadly and incredibly stupid. Unfortunately this weekend  (Saturday, 10th March to be precise) I was guilty of both of the above and whilst the first only resulted in a few more miles of driving (well ok, 60) and a bit longer in the car (ok, ok it was another hour and a half!) the results of the second could have been horrendous.  While I maintain that we were never in any real danger I did put my partner in a position where she was nervous and totally out of her comfort zone - that's usually when errors occur and accidents