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A new look at reviews

It occurred to me during the drive up to Wales with Donna for another walking/camping trip that, while there are loads of outdoor blogs and numerous clothing and kit reviews, there are precious few decent reviews of women's outdoor kit and clothing.  It's not just a lack of the general product info from a users point of view rather than the manufacturers but it's the size and fit information that is probably more important to women than men for a number of reasons. Now this is probably due to the fact that the majority of the outdoor blogs are written by men and they don't have access to (or the need for) women's clothing or kit - and neither do I before questions start getting asked - but my other half, Donna, is just as keen out the outdoors as I am and as my walking and camping partner has just as much outdoor clothing and kit as I do. My "walking buddy" and better half, Donna on the summit of Glasgwm So I've decided that as well as rev

It's been a while - back in Wales

It feels like it's been ages since I was able to get out into the hills and do some proper walking - and even longer since I had the time to write anything about it on my blog. So here goes! We'd been planning a trip to Snowdonia over the August bank holiday weekend for some time and had settled on the area of hills to the W/SW of Beddgelert for a number of reasons but most importantly as it would be slightly quieter than the main Llanberis/Snowdon area over the weekend. Heading up early on Saturday morning allowed us to miss the bulk of the bank holiday traffic and we arrived at the Llyn Gwynant campsite just after 10am.  Unfortunately the campsite was far from quiet - which was to be expected I suppose being so close to Snowdon and within walking distance of the start of the Watkin Path up Snowdon. Now at this point I should mention that the campsite was actually really nice, clean and well looked after, and on a quieter weekend it would probably be a really lovely pl