The lure of the Rockies - a Canadian adventure

Canoeing on Emerald Lake,  Yoho National Park, BC, Canada
Two Weeks in the Rockies!

The long awaited trip to Canada was finally upon us and on Saturday 15th September 2012 we left dreary London Heathrow on Air Canada flight 851 headed for Calgary.

The only real plans that we'd made for the stay were for the collection and drop off of the tent as well as the first and last nights' accommodation in Canmore, AB.  Other than that we had some ideas and places we wanted to visit but ultimately the Rockies of Alberta were ours to explore!

I spent most of the trip home planning how I'd put the Canada blog post(s) together as we packed so much in to the two weeks that we spent in the Rockies that trying to cram everything into one post just wouldn't work and would make for pretty dire reading for those poor soles that look at this blog!  

So, I've decided to run though the day-by-day agenda (below) with a general overview of each day that will then link to the detailed post - as and when I get around to writing them, here goes!

Agenda (September, 2012)
(The images and titles of the day's below will link to the blog posts as soon as I've managed to write and upload them)

Day 1 - Saturday 15th

Arrival in Canada - Calgary International Airport.  Picked up rental car and tent (rent-a-tent-vancouver) and headed up to Canmore for our first night and itinerary planning for the rest of the trip!

Day 2 - Sunday 16th

Campsite - Castle Mountain, Nr Banff, AB
Travel from Canmore to Castle Mountain campsite and walk to Boom Lake
Read the post here

Day 3 - Monday 17th

Campsite - Castle Mountain, Nr Banff, AB
Sulphur Mountain, hike to summit of Sanson's Peak (2,256m) and visit to Banff Hot Springs
Day 4 - Tuesday 18th

Campsite - Lake Louise Campground, Lake Louise, AB
Travel to Lake Louise campsite and visits to Takakaw Falls and Lake Louise
Read the post here

Day 5 - Wednesday 19th

Campsite - Lake Louise Campground, Lake Louise, AB
Hike to summit of Fairview Mountain (2,744m)
Day 6 - Thursday 20th

Campsite - Lake Louise Campground, Lake Louise, AB
6 Glaciers walk from Lake Louise and Plain of 6 Glaciers Tea House
Read the post here

Day 7 - Friday 21st

Campsite - Lake Louise Campground, Lake Louise, AB
"The Ice Line" trail from Takakaw Falls
Post coming soon!

Day 8 - Saturday 22nd

Campsite - Whistlers Campground, Jasper, AB
Travel to Jasper (Whistlers Campsite) via Columbia Icefield Center and the Ice Field Parkway (Highway 95)
Post coming soon!

Day 9 - Sunday 23rd

Campsite - Whistlers Campground, Jasper, AB
Mountain Biking! Valley of the 5 Lakes trail, Jasper
Post coming soon!

Day 10 - Monday 24th

Campsite - Whistlers Campground, Jasper, AB
Sulphur Skyline hike and visit to Miette Hotsprings
Read the post here

Day 11 - Tuesday 25th

Campsite - Whistlers Campground, Jasper, AB
(rain day) - Jasper and Maligne Lake
Post coming soon!

Day 12 - Wednesday 26th

Campsite - Kicking Horse, Yoho National Park, BC
Travel to Kicking Horse Campsite
Canoeing on Emerald Lake and visits to; Spiral Tunnels & Natural bridge
Post coming soon!

Day 13 - Thursday 27th

Campsite - Kicking Horse, Yoho National Park, BC
Pagett Peak climb and Grizzly bear encounter!
Post coming soon!

Day 14 - Friday 28th

All in all we had an amazing 2 weeks and it was a holiday that neither of us will ever forget.  Our best decision by far was to not plan a rigid agenda and to decide "on the fly" as this gave us so much more freedom to explore the Rockies and to change plans at the last minute if needed.

I hope this, and the day-by-day, posts will inspire you to head out to Canada, there is more to see and do there than you can possibly imagine!


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