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Trail running and a few steps closer to triathlons...

Today (Sunday 24th Feb 2013) was supposed to be a lazy day, a day where we did nothing strenuous and just "relaxed a bit" ahead of our trip to Morocco and the Atlas Mountains in 4 days time, but the alarm coming on at 6:30am kind of put pay to that!

We headed out for a walk in the New Forest, a 4 mile loop around Janesmoor Pond, nr Nomansland, in the Coppice of Linwood.

It's a nice walking or mountain biking route and one that I use as a quick night ride route or training ride in the summer as there are a few nice up and downhill sections and the trail is usually fairly compact and clear of mud.

The temp was hovering around zero as we pulled up at about 7:30am but the wind made it feel significantly colder and the ground was still frozen underfoot with any patches of water being completely iced over.
We weren't planning on taking any pictures on the walk so we'd left the camera at home which was a shame as we saw a few small herds of fallow deer on the edges of t…

Sutton Bank walk from Kilburn

I've been somewhat remis so far this year both in terms of updating my blog and getting out into the hills and walking - both of which I committed to do with more conviction and vigor this year and that, for a whole host of reasons, hasn't been the case.

So we decided that while up in Thirsk, North Yorkshire we'd venture over to Kilburn and walk a circular 11mile route up onto Sutton Bank, passing Byland Abbey and the White Horse cut into the side of the hill near Roulston Scar.

We had an addition to the group this time as we'd "borrowed" Jinny the labrador from Donna's parents and she was along for the walk with us.

We started the walk from the car park next to the Forresters Arms in Kilburn at about 8:30am on a crisp, clear day with a breath of wind and some haze in the sky that we were hoping would burn off later in the day.

The first seciton of the walk takes you through fields towards the Abbey ruins and these were very waterlogged thanks to weeks/m…