Through different eyes

A few weeks ago, whilst staying in North Wales, we walked around the Cadair Idris range with Monty, our Springer Spaniel, and as it was his first trip to the mountains we were keen to see how he'd get on with mountains, rocks and all of the other elements that walking in the hills can throw at you.

As it turned out he was fine and, being a springer, probably more suited to the environment than we were despite layers of Gore-Tex and high tech walking boots but the walk, although we'd taken the same route a number of times, seemed to be different somehow.  Maybe because we were focusing on different things, paying attention to different elements and looking at the walk through another set of eyes.

Monty, on the way up Cadair
And no, I'm sure the dog doesn't really care all that much - he's happy walking with us wherever we happen to be, it was just interesting to see the walk in a different way without actually setting out to do so.

I'm guessing the next time we both get out to the mountains there will be another set of eye's to be aware of and it'll be really interesting, and exciting, to watch how he (or she!) takes in the sights, sounds, smells and scenery of all the places we know and love.

Until then the winter is fast approaching and I'm already starting to plan some winter solo wild camping trips and a couple of early morning (hopefully snowy) ascents - watch this space!


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