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Warnford to Queen Elizabeth Country Park - South Downs Way walk

Saturday 1st March 2014 The day dawned sunny, cloudless and bright, a rare break in what had felt like months of solid rain. I'd planned an 11ish mile walk from Warnford (near West Meon, Hampshire) to Queen Elizabeth Country Park (on the A3 just outside of Portsmouth) along the South Downs Way - not for any real reason other than I felt the need for a decent walk having not managed to make it up into the hills/mountains this year due to all the wet weather and work managing to get nicely in the way of any plans I made to "escape". While I've mountain biked along a fair chunk of the SDW I've not really walked too much of it - my thinking used to be along the lines of "why would I want to walk it when I can ride it?!" but this view has changed somewhat with age and in the absence of snow, rock and mountains this was as good as I could find within half an hour of the house. So after quickly packing a bag (I'll go through that a bit later)