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and so the training begins....

Looking fresh (ish!) at the end of the 2013 London-Surrey 100 I've set myself two cycling goals this year; the London-Surrey 100 (mile) road ride and the South Downs Way (100 miles off-road), both in August. South Downs Way 100 As the name suggests this is a ride covering the whole length of the South Downs Way national trail - from Winchester to Eastbourne, totalling 100 miles of off-rode bridal ways and tracks and with a little under 7000ft of climbing thrown in for good measure.  This is not a ride to be sniffed at and certainly not one that you want to take lightly as a point-to-point ride brings its own unique challenges. G (my long time cycling mate) talked about doing this a number of years ago and started to put in some decent training for the event only to have our hopes dashed by a bad back (G's) and damaged knees (mine) resulting in us pulling out of the challenge.  We'd planned to ride as part of the British Heart Foundation's organised ride th

Back on the road bike, some new bits and a nice off-road MTB loop from Denmead

Ready to ride! It's been a while, far too long actually, since I got out on the mountain bike and the gaps between road bike trips have also been getting longer with the rides themselves getting shorter and with the London-Surrey 100 looming in August this is something that I need to address quickly as it will be the difference between enjoying the ride and simply dragging myself round it. Now over the last few months moving house, having a baby and rubbish weather have all played a part in me either not having the time or inclination to get out and ride as much but now that we're settled into the house, the weather has changed and "Izzy" has arrived there are no more excuses for lack of miles on the bike. Thankfully fitness hasn't been completely left behind and my love of gadgets (and Garmin devices) gives me something to track my swimming and running as and when I get the chance, for me this is as much of a motivator as the drive to keep fit; being able