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SUP trip to Hayling Island

Beautiful day for a paddle Going paddle boarding was a snap decision, one of those spur of the moment things that happens from time to time; a quick check of the Wind Guru (pro) app showed ideal winds (10mph is max for decent paddle boarding and winds on Hayling Island were cross-shore around 3-4mph), tides were rising throughout the morning and G was in favour of his first SUP outing rather than our usual road or mountain bike ride. So, 7:30am on Saturday morning saw us lugging my boards out of the garage and hoping that my wetsuit, unused for at least 12 months, would still fit then we headed off along the M27 to the beach front at Hayling Island. Hayling Island is a good spot for paddle boarding regardless of the tide state as the steep beach drop means that the water is never far away!  The area to the right of the Inn on the Beach (when looking at the sea) is good for boarders and the sand bar creates a lovely shallow lagoon to paddle around - perfect for learning. B