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A week in the woods - Elementary Bushcraft Course

Elementary Bushcraft Course, 20-26th July 2014 After looking through various courses and companies for bushcraft courses I sent my wife a link to a course, Elementary Bushcraft, from Frontier Bushcraft and then promptly forgot about it - that was until earlier this year when I got the same email back from her with the words "it's booked" and from that point I was counting down the days and compiling kit lists until the course date (July 2014) came around. Now what this post is not is a list or description of everything we did on the course - if you want to know all about it then go on the course!  What I wanted to do is to lay out some of the concerns, challenges and questions I had before and during the course in the hope that it will be of use to anyone attending both this and similar courses - things like kit; what to take and what you really dont need. Feather sticks - almost art when done properly So where to start?  Although it may seem slightly odd I