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Orange Crush Mountain bike - review and first ride

Twins! 2016 and 2017 Orange Crush S's - not sure those Enduro guards actually do anything though! So I've finally done it...  I've swapped out the full-sus frame for a hardtail; the Orange is dead, long live the Orange. I say finally as G, my long time mountain biking mate, and I have been talking about getting old and the "real life" need (or lack of) for a full suspension bike now due to the riding we now do and our ability to ride when we do manage to get out and hit the trails - or maybe that should be an annoying increase in common sense that stops us from throwing ourselves down mountains like we used to! Our discussions have focused on the "need" to have a bike that suits the riding that we now do and what we want from a bike - the 140mm front and rear travel of our Orange 5's (yes, we both bought them at the same time back in 2009) are great for blasting down trails in Wales but here in the south of England where bridal ways are chu