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Orange Crush - tweaked, upgraded and ridden some more

It feels like I've had this bike for ages now and the "Five" (now sold to someone who will hopefully get as many smiles from it as I have) is a distant memory, but it was only back in Feb '17 that I finally decided to part ways with full suspension luxury and buy the Crush S. I've ridden over 100 miles on it since then and have upgraded and tweaked it to my liking.  So here's my write up of the bike after a decent bedding in period, both for me and for the changes I've made to it. Mmmm, Hope Hoops! I think I should stop with the Hope Orange bits now - looking back to the originally specc'd Crush S my bike has the same frame and forks but that's about it. The final change was the wheelset - out with the Alexrims MD25's and in with Hope Hoops Enduro rims and Pro4 hubs, in Orange! They look good, sounds great, are bombproof and are made in the UK - what more could you want? I also opted for some Crank Brothers "Doubleshot&quo