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Walking the Clarendon Way

The Plan
Walking the Clarendon Way from end-to-end was Tom's suggestion, I've ridden and walked chunks of it but never the whole thing - until he mentioned it I wasn't really sure exactly how long the route was.
"27 odd miles - we could do that easily in 1.5 days.  Start in Salisbury after lunch and then wild camp somewhere along the route and finish in Winchester the next day around lunch time" - Simple!  So we got planning. 
Dates, times and logistics were sorted and kit lists complied (see below) and the first Thursday & Friday August was agreed on.
The "campsite" proved to be the trickiest bit as we needed to stop around mid-way (13-14 miles) and ideally wanted somewhere wooded to stay in without having to stray too far from the route.  After a lot of map searching and googling we decided on the wooded nature reserve just outside of Broughton, Hampshire. At around 12 miles in it was a little under halfway but looked suitable and there was no oth…