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A paddle around Hayling Island

Since buying our little slice of Hayling Island, in the form of an 8x10 shed, or Beach Hut, located on the Southernmost beach, I'd talked about, thought about and planned in my head a paddle around the island - it's an island after all so perfect for a circular trip.

Initially my idea had been to paddle board around the 14 odd miles but as this would be a fairly big undertaking on a paddle board and the weather would need to be pretty much ideal (including tides) I never got further than talking about it with Tom. Then came the Kayak.....

The double kayak (a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 135t (13.5ft)) made the round the island trip much more achievable as there would be two of us paddling and we'd be far less reliant on a flat-calm sea for our trip.

So, following an aborted trip up to see family nr York I found myself with a "spare" Friday off work and, as luck would have it, the tides were just about right for an early morning start and round-trip attempt - it was…