Place Fell from Bridgend

A year on from our last (and first) trip to Patterdale and Ullswater and we were back, to the same place, the same cottage, and today, the same walk!

Our first walk to the summit to Place Fell (read about it here) was born more out of necessity than planning and as the weather had cleared on the drive across from North Yorkshire we decided to do the same again.

Heading a mile or so down the road from Patterdale village we stopped in the small pull-in (room for about 6 cars) off the A592 at Deepdale Bridge and spent a fair bit of time faffing about getting things into the right bag for the 5 or so miles to the summit of Place Fell (657m) and back again.

Finally, with new binoculars (a lovely pair of Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 that have an amazing, clear optic that also works well with or without my glasses) and also my (very) newly purchased Fjallraven Singi smock bought from the amazing outdoor shop in the Rheged Centre (services on the A66) - an amazing example of what services can be like, if you're ever passing the area (M6/A66 junctions) then stop in, you wont be dissapointed.

In G1000 fabric, the smock has the dual benefit for me of being both tough and functional whilst also allowing me to wax up certain areas to add more water-poofing when required - then a quick wash at 40C takes it back to "bare" cotton again. Perfect.

So with light gear packed (including water this time as on our first trip we only had a couple of bottles of beer!) we headed off on the path across the muddy fields before getting our feet onto the rocky track leading up towards the fells.

As we climbed the first patches of snow started to appear and the wind picked up forcing us to stop for hats and gloves while watching the RAF (I think!) flying in from the South to fly low across Ullswater lake.  We watched in glorious close up as they flew round 5 or 6 times, including small Hunter jets, trainer aircraft and a large transport aircraft - this was flying so low and slowly that we could see the pilots in the cockpit.   Unfortunately, with only my phone for pictures, we couldn't take any decent photo's of them so words will have to do for now!

We saw a couple of other walkers around the Boredale Hause area where 3 or 4 paths meet, most of them seemed to be heading from or to Beda Fell area so we headed up towards the cairn at Round How on our own with the wind whipping around us picking up the spindrift from the small patches of snow and ice that were dotted around us.

It doesn't really matter what you can see - it's just a lovely view! (but that's Ullswater in the distance)
Passing Round How we carried on another 4-500m and up onto the summit of Place Fell.  Standing at 657m it's not a particularly high top when compared to some of the surrounding peaks, which were totally snow-capped and gave us hope for a snowy ascent of Helvellyn in a few days time, a walk that had eluded us on our last visit due to Donna's bad back.

The "obligatory" summit selfie!
Stopping long enough for a few pictures and to take in the silence and serenity that you always get in a place like this when there are no crowds around, we headed back along the same path and down to the car discussing our plans for the next few days and the wine we were going to drink in front of the wood-burning stove later that evening!

Place Fell summit
All in all, while not a high top or a long walk, the stroll to Place Fell gives both amazing views (on a clear day) across a wide range of fells and higher "tops" as well as a real taste of some of the great walking that the Lakes has to offer, without the crowds and "traffic" of some of the more popular named peaks.

Route plot, recorded on my Garmin Forerunner 935;


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