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Hope RX4 Road/CX disc brakes - review

Well they had to be red didn't they - just so they match! A quick update as it's been a long while since I posted anything about the CX bike - it's been almost as long since I rode it as well! First up, I finally got around to putting some larger volume tyres on (WTB Resolute, 43mm) which have been great and, after a fairly disastrous ride along the Oxdrive way turned into a long run in the rain (carrying the bike) thanks to more punctures (from recently topped hawthorn hedges) that I had spare tubes, I spent an evening converting the Hope 20Five wheels to tubeless - this was a bit of a pain but a combination of Gorilla tape (to seal the off-set spoke holes), WTB rim tape and Muc-Off tubeless valves saw me right, and what an amazing difference it makes! A note on the valves - the Muc-Off valves have a rubber o-ring that sits between the wheel rim and lock ring on the valve stem which helps to seal the valve hole properly - they also have an ingenious valve c

Walking the Cleveland Way - in 4 days!!

Helmsley, ready for the off! "Let's go on a nice walk for our anniversary" was Donna's opening statement back in January (2019).  Well that's how the idea started, and then it turned in to something resembling a real challenge! " The  Cleveland Way National Trail  is a 109 mile (175 Km ) walking route through beautiful and ever changing landscapes and scenery.  It was the second National Trail in England and Wales and was officially opened on 24th May 1969. The Trail offers the best of both worlds, heather moorland and stunning coastal scenery. "  ( Generally this route is walked either piecemeal or in around 7-10 days which gives you a chance to explore a bit and enjoy the scenery - due to time constraints imposed by childcare and the Easter Holiday's we were aiming to walk it in 4! Yes, 4 days.  That's just under 30 miles per day - ouch! So we set about training - or rather we didn't!  We managed to get in 2