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Hope RX4 Road/CX disc brakes - review

Well they had to be red didn't they - just so they match! A quick update as it's been a long while since I posted anything about the CX bike - it's been almost as long since I rode it as well! First up, I finally got around to putting some larger volume tyres on (WTB Resolute, 43mm) which have been great and, after a fairly disastrous ride along the Oxdrive way turned into a long run in the rain (carrying the bike) thanks to more punctures (from recently topped hawthorn hedges) that I had spare tubes, I spent an evening converting the Hope 20Five wheels to tubeless - this was a bit of a pain but a combination of Gorilla tape (to seal the off-set spoke holes), WTB rim tape and Muc-Off tubeless valves saw me right, and what an amazing difference it makes! A note on the valves - the Muc-Off valves have a rubber o-ring that sits between the wheel rim and lock ring on the valve stem which helps to seal the valve hole properly - they also have an ingenious valve c